Build cohesive teams, predictably

Gain deeper insight into your employees & build a tribe that's proud of your vision.

Traditional performance reviews happen once a year and are subjective & biased

People IQ Survey

"87% of both managers and employees believe that annual reviews are ineffective and not useful."

  • Joelle D. Elicker, University of Akron

Journal of Applied Psychology

" 62% of a rater's score on a performance review is formed on personal idiosyncrasies rather than the subject's actual performance."

  • Steven E. Scullen, North Carolina State University

The Consulting Psychology Journal

"There is a major caveat to 360-degree feedback. Without enough raters & support to implement the feedback, it can do more harm than good."

  • Kenneth Nowack, University of California

Measure your team's performance


Pin pointed performance feedback at an individual & organizational level.


Feedback that's aligned with the individual's & organization's goals.


Goal-specific performance interventions using our proprietary KITE assessment.


Cognitive Science

Using our expert teams' understanding of human psychology, we measure the following cognitive traits in detail:


Psychometric Intelligence



This foundational insight acts as an objective metric to utilize for goal setting, performance reviews & decision making.

Artificial Intelligence

Enables us to map the cognitive traits of employees to their objective performance metrics. It then helps identify the patterns of effective leadership & cohesive teams in the organization and recommends a set of iterations.


Fulfilled employees aligned with the company vision

Higher retention rate & reduced hiring costs

Clear course of action for re-creating cohesive teams

Our process

1. Consultation & Demo

Talk to one of our expert team members about your requirements & discuss the best way that Bodha.AI will work for you.

2. Invite your team

Onboard each team member by inviting them to create a profile and take a cognitive assessment.

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3. Pinpointed feedback & interventions

Regularly map your goals & track your key results. Receive objective & detailed performance feedback of your team so you can take pinpointed interventions.


Bodha is unique in its ability to map each employee's cognitive traits to their performance metrics; allowing your performance sessions to be more objective & empowering while setting a benchmark for measuring the top talents.

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