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Elevate productivity and reduce turnover by making employee engagement your top priority. Dive deep into your team's dynamics and foster a tribe that's aligned with your vision.

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Empower Managers, Engage Teams

Build an organization where results and employee satisfaction go hand in hand. With Bodha.AI, champion a culture that prioritizes engagement, leading to high performance.


Cultivate Trust and Unity

True engagement stems from teamwork, open communication, and collaboration. Our platform's cognitive assessments guide you in evaluating team synergy, ensuring you make hires that amplify cohesion.


Redefining Workplace Engagement

Harness the synergy of Cognitive Science and AI to simplify and amplify the understanding of objectives. Bodha.AI is your comprehensive solution for both engagement management and talent acquisition.

Measure Team Performance


Detailed engagement insights at both individual and organizational levels.


Feedback that resonates with personal and organizational aspirations.


Targeted engagement strategies using our exclusive KITE approach.

Workplace engagement is the key to employee happiness, productivity, and loyalty.

The standard annual performance check is often clouded by individual perceptions

"87% of both managers and employees believe that annual reviews are ineffective and not useful"

Joelle D. Elicker, University of Akron

People IQ Survey

"62% of a rater's score on a performance review is formed on personal idiosyncrasies"

Steven E. Scullen, NC University 

Journal of Applied Psychology

"Without enough raters & support to implement the feedback, 360 reviews can do more harm than good"

Kenneth Nowack, University of CA

The Consulting Psychology Journal

Stay focused on what's important

Goal tracking helps promote successful behaviors, guides focus and helps sustain momentum in task completion. Create goal tracking on individual, team, and organizational levels. Help clarify tasks, focus efforts, ensure time & resources are being used efficiently, & increase the odds of achieving the company's most important objectives.

Keep in the loop with your employees

1:1s give managers & their direct reports uninterrupted time to discuss goals, review performance, and more. Scheduling recurring 1:1 meetings helps build better relationships and enables employees to share ideas and concerns.

Hire a more cohesive team

Select candidates based on the proper team fit, not just the skills needed for the position. Post jobs through the job board, gain valuable insights to each individuals personality, intelligence, and values with our Assessments, and determine candidate's likelihood to succeed at an organization with our Bodha Score.

Get objective and unbiased data

Test for personality traits & soft skills that are strong indicators of an individual's fit with the role and organization. Our Assessments consist of questions that assess candidates in a wide range of aspects such as cognitive ability, critical thinking skills, personality, preferences and motivation, among many others.

Bring clarity to your work

Better objectives, smarter teams, happier organizations. Use one platform that will allow you to measure performance and identify potential talent in one place.

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