Know your team

Take quick cognitive assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Once you know your team well, you'll be able to assign the right people to the right tasks.

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Assessments utilizing AI

Increase efficiency

Our AI enables recruiters and hiring teams to conduct consistent and objective assessments of job-relevant data at a much earlier stage.

Improve precision

Our AI can analyze large amounts of data in seconds. User data is precisely evaluated to help make better decisions.

Reduce bias

Human biases and stereotypes are often to blame for poor selection decisions. Our AI helps eliminate biases.

Assessment Tests

Build cohesive teams

Our assessment tests offer a wide range of benefits that not only streamline the hiring process, but also strengthen the entire organization by increasing the likelihood that new employees will fit within the current team cohesion.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Improved AI Data

Video assessments

Candidates record themselves responding to competency-based interview questions. The recordings allow candidates to submit their questions from home, the interviewers then get to rewatch and share candidate responses, and less time is spent on the interview itself. The answers are also evaluated by AI and enhance the results of the multiple choice assessment.

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