1:1 Meetings

Build, nurture, and maintain work relationships

Our platform helps you get deeper insights into your employee's mindset and work habits, allowing you to build a better rapport, coach, and give and gather feedback.

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Time well spent!

Build trust

Get to know your team, when employees feel trusted at work, they become more confident and perform at higher levels.

Improve performance

Regular 1:1s allow managers to stay on top of employee productivity and ensure team goals are being met.

Drive development

Invest in your employee's growth, 1:1 meetings are the perfect time to discuss personal and professional development.


Why 1:1s?

1:1 meetings are a valuable tactic practiced by successful leaders. The purpose of a 1:1 meeting is to build rapport, coach, and give/gather feedback.

Bodha.ai makes it easy to schedule recurring and one-off meetings with members of your team.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Regular meetings work

Weekly meetings are crucial if the pace of change at the company is high. For new employees, scheduling meetings as often as daily is recommended, for others, one-four meetings a month may be enough.

Managers can use the Bodha.ai KITE Model to understand how much benefit each employee gets out of more frequent meetings.

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