Building a Cohesive Work Environment helps your team members track and measure performance.

Our product is designed to help companies develop a culture of continuous improvement. We have an integrated suite of productivity tools for your whole team, allowing them to set objectives and track progress. Bodha.AI is the first company to leverage the power of cognitive science in designing its workforce engagement products.

From the small stuff to the big picture, we help you organize work so your team can be clear on what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done.

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Create goals & tasks

Create and assign goals for the team as a whole and at the individual level.

Schedule 1:1s

Set up 1:1 meetings with each individual on the team for regular feedback and to promote open communication.

Team & individual evaluations

Use success rates, Scores, and recommendations from KITE to evaluate the team & individual employees.

Finish assessment & intro video

Learn about your own social traits, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, and values.

Access individual & team goals

View and manage your individual goals and keep on track with your team's current tasks.

Give & receive feedback

Getting feedback helps you learn from mistakes/ successes and helps builds confidence.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Create employee profiles

Once profiles are created, employees have access to all the project management tools & personal assessments.

Build teams & departments

Set up departments, assign managers, and place employees within the appropriate teams.

Post & manage Jobs

Create new job listings, manage candidate selection processes, and hire the right fit for your team cohesion.

Create your profile

Sign up for a free account at and complete your profile setup.

Finish assessment & intro video

Once the assessment and intro video have been completed, will make recommendations based on the results.

Connect with decision makers

Users with the highest Bodha Scores are sent to the Job Poster for evaluation, initial screening, interviews and potentially hired.

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Connect with your employees regularly

Regular 1:1s stop issues from festering, allows for immediate feedback, and promotes open communication.

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Assign goals at individual & team levels

Setting goals boosts performance by motivating employees to increase their effort and aligns priorities.

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Stay focused on what's important

Goal tracking helps promote successful behaviors, guides focus, and helps sustain momentum in task completion. Create goal tracking on individual, team, and organizational levels. Help clarify tasks, focus efforts, ensure time and resources are being used efficiently, and increase the odds of achieving the company's most important objectives.

Keep in the loop with your employees

1:1s give managers and their direct reports uninterrupted time to discuss goals, review performance, and more. Scheduling recurring 1:1 meetings helps build better relationships and enables employees to share ideas and concerns.

Hire a more cohesive team

Select candidates based on the proper team fit, not just the skills needed for the position. Post jobs through the job board, gain valuable insights to each individual's personality, intelligence, and values with our Assessments, and determine the candidate's likelihood to succeed at an organization with our Bodha Score.

Get objective and unbiased data

Test for personality traits and soft skills that are strong indicators of an individual's fit with the role and organization. Our Assessments consist of questions that assess candidates in a wide range of aspects such as cognitive ability, critical thinking skills, personality, preferences, and motivation, among many others.

Improve success rates, gain employee satisfaction, and increase motivation

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