Hire candidates maximizing team coherence

Find the right talent for your open roles that fit well with the existing team’s culture. Shortlist applicants with our built-in applicant tracking system that is designed for recruiters. Hire without the hassle of posting jobs, sorting through resumes, sending online cognitive assessments, and collecting teams’ feedback.

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Hiring made easy

Simplify the hiring process

Cut down the number of unfit candidates who apply for the role and make it easier to scan through resumes, saving time and manpower.

Minimize costs

Assess every applicant against every job vacancy and accomplish in seconds, what would take an HR team hours to complete.

Improve candidate quality

Our Bodha score helps you determine candidates most likely to thrive on your team and stay with your company long term.

Bodha Score

Team cohesion

Job posters can actively search for potential employees based on their skills and score. The score is calculated by our AI and is represented by a percentage between 1 and 100, the higher the percentage, the more likely an individual is to fit your team cohesion.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration
A Fair Process

Remove inherent bias

The matches candidates instantly and without inherent bias. It’s the perfect solution for organizations looking to fill new positions and for employees looking for their ideal role.

Give your management team the proper tools to succeed

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