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Bodha.AI breaks down objectives into smaller steps making tasks clearly defined and easier for employees and their managers to track progress.

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Objectives & Key Results

The Bodha.ai OKR (Objective and Key Results) tool helps employees better understand their set goals and objectives. Employees can track their success rates and see the impact they have on the team’s overall performance.

The KITE Model

The KITE Model is a comprehensive framework that determines the ideal interventions given the task at hand. The KITE Method intervention areas are broken out into the following intervention types; Knowledge, Inspiration, Tools, and Environment.

Constant Feedback

Goal feedback is critical to helping employees understand expectations, make adjustments, and get the coaching necessary to succeed. Feedback given to employees by the management team will help ensure that each goal is achieved.


Prioritize tasks

Defining objectives and key results helps employees understand which tasks hold more value and which ones can be placed on the back burner. They also help new and tenured employees understand their goals while giving them direction to achieve those goals.

Our AI helps you prioritize tasks in a way that makes sense. Your employees will find it easy to understand how each objective is connected and how it relates to the bigger picture of your company's success.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Identifying gaps

The KITE Model helps identify gaps in knowledge, inspiration, tools, and environment.

By closing the missing gaps in KITE, you can expect to see improved morale when your employees start to feel the enhanced levels of support they receive.

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